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Online Reputation Threats that You Need to Manage

Building your online brand is key to attracting a wider audience. Protect your reputation from threats like negative reviews and internal issues.
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Putting your brand online is key to establishing your image, reaching a wider audience, and getting more conversions. Your online presence makes it easier for you and your customers to connect. It bridges the gap to ensure that you’ll be a top choice when your target market is searching for your products or services. However, it’s not enough to simply establish your online brand. Once you’ve set your digital presence, you also have to protect your online reputation.

Negative reviews and misrepresentation are just some of the online reputation threats that you need to stay away from. To help you, featured in this article are some of the threats that may compromise the brand image that you’re building online. 

Factors that Threaten Your Business Online Reputation

1. Negative reviews

Customer reviews are powerful and can help establish your brand. However, with the wrong feedback associated with your brand, you’ll end up with problems that may really get out of hand. 

Negative reviews usually arise from bad customer experiences. The failure to deliver customer expectations could result in complaints and be spread easily especially with various platforms available online. They can damage your reputation so you have to monitor online reviews and feedback pertaining to your brand. You can also help put a good brand image online by ensuring that customers will have a fast and easy experience in leaving good reviews.

DID YOU KNOW: 84% of consumers trust online reviews while 90% read reviews before even checking a company or website.

2. Internal Issues

When in any type of business, you have to keep everyone in check–not only the rank-and-file employees but even the top brass executives.

Inappropriate comments may come from within your system and are often difficult to deal with. The comments made by your team could have a great impact on the public. Conflicts need to be resolved immediately. Employees and most especially, executives should be responsible for their behavior. They should work with you in preserving a good image.

3. Failure in Online Reputation Monitoring and Management

It’s not enough to focus on managing your business and doing good. Keep in mind that while online gives you greater exposure, it also makes your brand prone to criticism. Commit to monitoring your online reputation. Know what people say about your brand and be prompt in addressing issues. Failure to respond could only create the impression that you don’t care about customer concerns or may even be deemed as an admission of guilt.

4. Social Media Mismanagement

Your social media accounts represent your brand across online audiences. You have to ensure that only authorized people will be given access to your accounts. Be careful in choosing the people who will manage it. Beware of those who might have bad intentions in using your social media profiles or those who may want to sabotage your campaign. It would also be smart to change passwords regularly, especially when a previous account manager has resigned or been fired. Proper management and account security are some of the steps that you should follow to protect your social media accounts.

5. Online Security Issues

The assets that you put online could be used by others if you will fail to claim them. These include your website and social media profiles. Hackers use strategies to get hold of websites and accounts, especially those that are vulnerable to security issues. Once they take over your online assets, they can act on your behalf. You may deal with issues with consumers who experienced money scams while using your website or you may find distasteful content posted on your accounts.

These are issues that will cause business disruption and ruin your reputation. Keep your assets secured. Use verified accounts for your profiles. Websites with SSL Certificates are also less vulnerable to hacking activities.

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You need to be aware of the online reputation threats that could greatly affect your online presence and brand image. These risks can affect your bottom line and you must take a step ahead instead of being reactive. Protect your online reputation and save the positive image that you’ve built for a long time.

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