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Unveiling the Fast Food Rivalry between Jollibee and McDo in the Philippines

In this media coverage report on Jollibee and McDo, we look at the competitive landscape of the fast-food industry and how these brands dominated news stories.

It is surprising that even though Jollibee is widely loved by regular Filipinos as their favorite fast food chain, McDonald’s holds the spotlight in media coverage. Our research on the media coverage of Jollibee, McDonald’s, KFC, and Popeyes revealed that McDonald’s received more extensive coverage than Jollibee, showing a notable 13% difference.

McDonald’s Dominates the Media with 84.55 Share of Voice 

According to the April 2023 report, McDonald’s dominated media coverage with an overwhelming 84.55 percent share in April 2023.  Some of the most picked-up stories by the media about the U.S.-based fast food chain include: 

Photo of the McDonald's App campaign, featuring the Chicken McNuggets Meal and BT21 Toys
Photo from the McDonald’s PH Facebook Page

Jollibee, on the other hand, received considerably less attention.  These headlines undeniably played a significant role in maintaining McDonald’s consistent presence in the media. Meaning the brand remained in the spotlight despite Jollibee‘s reputation in the local fast-food scene.

Jollibee Loses Home Court Advantage

Despite Jollibee’s widespread popularity and deep-rooted connection with Filipino consumers, it seems that McDonald’s has effectively maintained a firm grip on the media’s attention. 

The top news stories for McDonald’s showcased both positive and negative topics. For instance, the conglomerate started the month with attention-grabbing headlines as their US offices underwent a shutdown in preparation for corporate restructuring, resulting in a wave of layoffs in domestic and some international offices. In comparison, McDonald’s Philippines generated positive buzz by announcing a collaboration between their brand and BT21. However, of significant importance, media attention reached its peak when McDonald’s was honored with the Third Place Excellence Growth Potential Award at the GCash Digital Excellence Awards 2023.

Jollibee in the Headlines

With a glimpse of McDonald’s role in the Philippine media revealed, what remains for Jollibee? 

Jollibee experienced significant milestones and recognition throughout the month. One such achievement was their inclusion among the partners of the Cinema Rehiyon Montañosa Film Festival 2023, highlighting Jollibee’s involvement in cultural events and its commitment to supporting local arts and entertainment.

Jollibee also garnered attention when Tony Tan Caktiong, the visionary behind Jollibee Foods Corporation, was listed among the fourteen Filipinos recognized in Forbes’ highly esteemed 2023 billionaires list. This recognition highlighted not only Tan Caktiong’s success but also the trust of the stakeholders and investors in Jollibee, which secures the brand’s prominent standing in the business landscape.

Additionally, Jollibee received the Excellence in Growth and Usage Award at the GCash Digital Excellence Awards 2023, further affirming its dedication to embracing digital innovation and achieving growth in the ever-evolving digital realm.

Jollibee and McDonald’s Rivalry 

Fast food brands extend their brand message into various aspects of people’s lives, including media coverage, expanding their reach, forging strategic partnerships, and gaining significant recognition. This is evident in the case of Jollibee, which actively embraces local initiatives, while McDonald’s aligns itself with pop culture, international standing, and broader societal trends.

This reveals a dynamic and highly competitive landscape between the top-performing fast-food chains. These show how brands are perceived by the public and can serve as a valuable resource for understanding consumer preferences and developing effective marketing strategies in the fast-food industry.

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