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The Ultimate Consumer Electronics Media List

The Ultimate Consumer Electronics Media List

If you plan to reach out to your audience, having the right media connections will matter. Knowing the right journalists and bloggers will help you keep up with consumer trends, spread awareness for your products, and build your brand’s credibility. This is especially true for companies in the Consumer Electronics industry, a fast-paced category where new tech and products come out on the regular. You need to stay on top through various traditional and digital marketing initiatives, and we understand that a big part of this is building relationships with the media. To help you with that, we’re sharing this list of top journalists and bloggers!

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Now that you know the right media personalities in your industry, it’s time to take action! Find what these journalists and bloggers write about, and analyze how they create content for their audience. Once you have a good understanding of what appeals to their readers, collaborate with them and spread your brand’s story! Feel free to download this list to help you with your marketing and public relations initiatives.

With Media Meter’s SharedView and MediaWatch tools, you can track and identify relevant journalists, bloggers, and influencers who are relevant to your company, competitors, or industry. View our sample reports or contact our Sales Team to request a demo.

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