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How Media Monitoring Can Help Pharma Brands Connect with Consumers

Media Monitoring can help Pharma Brands Connect with Consumers

For pharmaceutical companies, keeping an eye on public sentiment about their brand is crucial to sustaining public confidence and enhancing their business growth and revenue. Social media monitoring is a crucial aspect of this, as it enables brands to keep tabs on what’s being said about them in online spaces.

Read on to learn how social listening tools can help pharmaceutical companies maximize their marketing efforts.

From analyzing almost 2,000 news articles and social media posts about 11 pharmaceutical companies in the month of December, Media Meter found that social media was mainly used to promote pharmaceutical companies. Influencers, celebrities, and organizations used Facebook to upload sponsored posts for pharma products, such as over-the-counter vitamins and medications.

In fact, of the three media channels monitored, the pharma companies received the highest coverage on Facebook with a 54 percent share of the conversations. The bulk of these conversations were promotional posts uploaded by the pharma brands’ sponsors. A sponsored photo post by Enervon Unilab ambassador Ben&Ben thanking the brand for “the extra boost of energy and immunity” received the highest engagement in the entire dataset. The post greatly boosted Unilab’s Facebook presence as it garnered over 18,000 interactions while using the hashtag #IbalikAngHappyEnergy. 

Other high-engagement Facebook posts include a sponsored video by vlogger Bernie Bastin for GSK’s Ibuprofen Advil which received over 28,000 views and 3,100 Likes, photos posted by Animal Kingdom Foundation thanking 2022 Pets Date event sponsor Boehringer Ingelheim that garnered over 600 likes, and a raffle competition organized by San Rafael’s local government unit incentivizing households to be fully vaccinated that accumulated almost 700 Likes and over 260 Shares. Finally, Merck and Moderna gained traction on Facebook across multiple posts for the positive results yielded from their skin cancer vaccine research.

As evidenced by the positive reception of these posts on social media, brands can take advantage of opportunities to engage with their audience by putting more effort and resources into initiatives that attract the public’s attention. These include participating in events, posting positive research results, sponsoring posts about medical products, and working with celebrities and influencers. Corporate communication managers and marketing strategists can verify the effectiveness of these efforts by using the best social listening tools. 

In today’s digital landscape, monitoring brand mentions on social media is crucial for optimizing marketing and communication strategies. By utilizing social media monitoring tools, brands can identify areas of improvement and stay updated on what is being said about them in real-time. This helps them to promptly respond to feedback, address misconceptions, and seize opportunities to connect with their audience. 

With this information, they can make informed decisions to optimize their marketing initiatives and achieve better results. Monitoring brand mentions using social media monitoring tools is essential for brands to stay relevant, build their reputation, and achieve their business goals.

Media Meter offers a range of media monitoring services that can help you monitor your presence on traditional and social media. View more of our monthly reports on brand coverage and industry issues, or you can send us a message if you’d like to learn more.

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