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The Importance of Brand Mention Monitoring

Learn why brand mention monitoring is crucial for protecting your reputation, understanding audience sentiment, and finding improvement opportunities.
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Brand building is continuous. It’s not enough to establish your presence; you also have to keep a watchful eye on the public’s perception of it. Setting your brand online is another story, as it comes with certain challenges and puts your business constantly under the scrutiny of online consumers.

According to a recent survey, 72% of business executives are using social media as a valuable source of data and insights that influence their company’s business decisions. Online visibility is a powerful tool, and you can leverage its impact through brand mention monitoring.

Why Brand Mention Monitoring Matters

Protect your reputation

You wouldn’t want to be clueless about an issue that threatens your brand reputation. Through brand mention monitoring, you can stay on top of conversations about your brand. You’ll be aware of relevant customer reviews, and you can stay in the loop so you can promptly handle issues that customers raise. This will help you stay in control of potential problems, and it will let your customers know that you care about client feedback and their experience.

Find opportunities for improvement

The feedback that you monitor can guide you in improving your brand and your processes. Negative feedback, especially from a third party, opens opportunities for growth, as there may be areas that your team should look into. What your audiences say should be assessed and verified. If valid, respond to negativity by implementing changes that will positively impact your brand.

Understand audience sentiment

It is important to know the overall perception that people have about your brand. Thanks to brand mention monitoring, sentiment analysis can be done. 

Brand monitoring will help analyze the specific language used by people when commenting about your brand, so you can identify positive, negative, and neutral sentiments even on a large scale. Getting a clear view of audience sentiment will allow you to understand web users better and guide you in creating an image that your target audiences may appreciate.

Open your communication channels

Brand mention monitoring makes you aware of what people say about your brand and you may use the opportunity to respond and create two-way communication between you and your audience. Respond to issues that need clarification. You may also answer questions so your audience knows that you are ready to address various concerns. 

Leverage user-generated content

Identify the content that your audience is sharing. Aside from being able to identify who shares the content you post, this could also serve as your guide in creating an effective content strategy. It can also open opportunities to work with influencers who use your content to share on the platforms they use.

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Online visibility is an advantage that can help increase your reach and engage more web users. However, without brand mention monitoring, your online stint won’t be as successful as it could be.  You have to know the conversations surrounding your brand and find new opportunities to explore.

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