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February 2023 REPORT

Kawasaki Trumps Competitors in the Philippine Motorcycle Scene

With events and races happening left and right, coverage of trends and developments in the motorcycle industry in the Philippines is more relevant than ever. As the media continues to play a significant role in putting the motorcycle scene in the spotlight, it is important for brands like you to keep up-to-date with the top stories in the industry.

Kawasaki continues to establish itself as one of the leading motorcycle brands in the Philippines, garnering 53 percent share of the total media coverage for this dataset. Kawasaki appeared in one of the top news stories, as well as in three of the top Facebook posts featured in the report. While the majority of Kawasaki's coverage was on Facebook, many of the top posts were related to raffle entries, which became a highly effective way for the brand to engage with its audience. In comparison, much of the coverage for second placer Honda was

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