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Sanofi Takes Over News Stories for Pharma

As prominent entities in the pharmaceutical field, it is crucial for you to be aware of how your brand is being portrayed in the media. This knowledge can help you identify the news stories that capture public interest, and aid in enhancing your communication strategies and fostering public confidence.

In April, four pharma companies garnered over a hundred news stories and social media posts, with Sanofi taking the lead. Notably, most of the top stories referenced the companies only in passing as competitors or producers of similar medicines, with news articles about topics such as the approved vaccine for RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, and the successful trials of a new prostate cancer treatment, both products of other pharmaceutical companies. Efforts to expand their reach in the local market, such as Sanofi’s Pharmacademy for Filipino pharmacists, and Zuellig Pharma (Moderna)’s launch of an Enterprise Solutions Hub, were also top drivers of coverage.

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