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Sugar Sector Controversies: May 2023 Spotlight on URC

Discover trending narratives in the sugar industry impacting URC, Monde Nissin, Oishi, and Rebisco. Explore their communication strategies in response and how journalists shape industry discussions.

As some of the most influential corporations in the Philippines, understanding how the media portrays you and identifying the news stories that attract public attention can be key to improving the ways that you communicate with your audience and building public trust.

In May, the Universal Robina Corporation (URC) garnered the most coverage out of the four companies in this report, with 345 news articles and social media posts, or 60.1 percent of the total share of voice. Throughout the month, the sugar industry was a major driver of coverage for URC in the news, as the corporation was mentioned in articles about ongoing discussions and meetings initiated by the Marcos administration.

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